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Back to Reality November 3, 2009

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It was a great first day back at the office. I was so excited to share with everyone what I had experienced at WFX. I came home wanting to change the world. But… there was one close friend I felt the need to avoid. By lunch, my avoidance time was over and it was time to talk. As I started to unpack my awesome, God changing experience, she pointed out two very critical things. First, God can accomplish all that He desires without us. He chooses to use us but frankly it is not the work we can do for God but the work that He can do in us that matters most. This was the first peg in the ladder as I came down from the rafters. Second, while I was standing on my grand soap box sharing the experience, I was not leading anyone to experience the same life change. I was challenged to teach on the concepts tomorrow instead of just hyperly (if that’s a word) sharing them. So we’ll be visiting 1 Timothy 4:6-16 (A good servant of Christ Jesus). My prayer is that this provides more conversation and impact than just my ramblings. Coming home this evening I was back to reality but had no idea what was in store. My son is in the first grade and has been struggling to learn how to read, we work with him everyday but nothing seems to be helping. Tonight my old nature won and I blew up at him, I realized that God has a lot of work to do in my character before I can ever be considered ready for a huge assignment. Blogs will continue, I love to write and even if no one else is reading it is awesome reflection on the work of Christ in my life. God is so good!


3 Responses to “Back to Reality”

  1. Billy Says:

    Great post! I’m enjoying reading your blog because I have experienced and am still running into many of the same opportunities. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Hope my comments let you know you’re not alone either.

    I don’t think its wrong to seek excellence and attempt to change the world. God wants us to be all He made us to be and He favors boldness in Him. If you are where God wants you to be you will not be in your own strength but His.

    I too am often surrounded by people who can only see why something can’t be done or happen. If I could be as bold as to offer you some advice on the subject since I have been there many times and done that more than I can count.

    My advice is ignore them. Pray for guidance, surround yourself with Godly counsel and move forward doing everything you know to do. When you do this a strange thing will happen.

    It will be subtle but over time people will listen. When you study and work to show yourself an approved workman some folks will respond. The more things you do or even attempt the more people will be willing to risk something because of it.

    One of my favorite quotes is by Hannibal, ‘We will find a way or make one.’ Someone has to step out and get a feel for the future. When you do catch a new vision you have to tell others about it. God made you that way. I have been created in a similar way so I know the feeling. Don’t question it, embrace it!

    I’ve said to my Pastors many times that I was going to try this or that and I was hoping for anything but a flash of light and a mushroom cloud. Many times my results were a mushroom cloud but I’ve been successful many times as well. It is a battle lost but the war still rages on. The difference is that failure grinds off the rough edges and make me even more dangerous for the Lord. I’ve experienced this so many times in my day job that it has become a daily source of humor for me and a few others. I heard a great quote from WFX along these lines. If you fail enough times you will become an expert on the subject.

    Ultimately, when you know that you’re doing what God called you to do it doesn’t matter whether you’re considered a worldly success. It only matters that you ARE where God called you to be and DOING the things He made you to do.

    So if it takes completing extra work, Jesus said do it. ( If it takes explaining something in a loving way over and over, Jesus said do it. ( If it takes enormous patience and constant prayer, Jesus said do it. (

    Our God deserves nothing less than our best. As Francis Chan put it in his book ‘Crazy Love’, don’t serve up leftovers to a Holy God.

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  3. First, don’t be discouraged. Nehemiah was given discouraging news daily. He, too, was tempted to come away from the vision and passion the Lord had given him. His answer, however, was epic in its brilliance: he told those who tried to discourage him that “I cannot come down from the wall.”

    Second, be encouraged. 🙂 The work that God has started in you is either the catalyst for change that is needed or it’s the catalyst of change for you.



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